[relaxng-user] trang and xsd-friendly schemas

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Sep 13 16:03:35 ICT 2004

David Carlisle wrote:

>I think Bruce wants to validate the rendering application which is a
>simplified template language: so if you put <publisher/> first, then the
>publisher information coming from te hsource doc comes out first.
ah, OK, understood. I was confusing .bib files with .bst files.

>Given that it's implemented in XSLT though a reasonable alternative
>would not be to use any schema language and just put the checks into the
>xslt, the XSLT template handling this could easily be made to moan if
>there wasn't exactly one publisher child, and if the XSLT is doing that,
>having a schema validation step doesn't really win you very much.
Good idea. The processing application probably always wants to check
the syntax anyway


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