[relaxng-user] trang and xsd-friendly schemas

David Carlisle davidc at nag.co.uk
Mon Sep 13 14:41:04 ICT 2004

> friendly, but straying away from the business rule of "x, y and z must 
> be present".

Ah, Yes well as you said initially it depends why you want the schema
(and why you want multiple versions) If you are going to enforce your
"business rule" by using relax ng, it doesn't really matter if the
xsd/dtd version loses quite a lot of the restrictions. You may still
want them to drive xml editors expecting schema in those formats though.
(x|y|z)* doesn't enforce that any of them have to be present but may be
enough to quide an editor into telling the author that the only things
he can add at this point are x y and z, and that may be enough.

> thats not technically manageable over a certain number of elements,
> surely?

it's only a bit of elisp.....


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