[relaxng-user] Documentation tokenization

Jeff Rafter lists at jeffrafter.com
Mon May 3 19:47:10 ICT 2004

Thanks so much for the comments Bob, I have tried to answer inline.
Obviously I am still confused a bit... : )

> I don't see any way a comment could jump into the middle of
> documentation, which is a named terminal, which is a token.

Okay, this makes sense-- I think that I was getting confused by the grammar.
Specifically, I was getting confused by documentationLineContent in the

 #]x  restOfLiney

I don't really understand what the "#" is doing in there. My interpretation
was that this was there to forbid additional "#" after the start of content.
But this must be wrong because XMLDistilled and Jing accept it.

> > For that matter, is:
> >
> > # Comment # Comment
> >
> > allowable? Again  it seems to me that A.2 says it is not. But Jing and
> > XMLDistilled accept it.
> Perhaps you should say why you think A.2 says it is not. Comments start
> with # and continue to the end of the line. If a succeeding # is on the
> same line (and not immediately following) why would it be treated

Again, this is my confusion probably. The branches of the serparator
production are confusing me this time.

separator returns Void  ::=
    |  "#"  [^&newline;
#]  restOfLine
    |  "#"

I read this as saying: A separator may consist of #9, #A, #20, NEWLINE, or
it may have a comment, which can either be "#" followed by not NEWLINE, #A,
or "#", then the rest of the line or a "#" by itself (presumably this could
only happen at the end of the document, otherwsie there would be a NEWLINE
to end it?)

I could also add that I am slightly confused by the additional [^Chars]
productions. Does this mean that those chars, if encountered, end the
production? Or that they may not appear in that position (or both?).

At this point, I have a custom parser written which can decode and tokenize
RNC (checking for errors and reporting them if encountered). Once I fix
these tokenization questions I can move on to the conversion to RNG (which
is my near term goal). Ultimately I _hope_ to release this as either public
domain or GPL with Library exception (I am still trying to figure out the
licensing)-- both in C# and VB (so that it can be used with VBRELAXNG.DLL).

Thanks again,
Jeff Rafter

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