[relaxng-user] Converting Relax-NG to Schema and DTD

Daniel Vogelheim Daniel.Vogelheim at sun.com
Tue Jan 13 16:22:02 ICT 2004

Hi David,

Thanks for your help.

David Tolpin wrote:

>>Some of them I could work around, but others I have trouble seing the 
>>problem right away.
>Which ones?
E.g.: 'sorry, cannot handle this kind of "group"'.
This refers to an element definition with an optional attribute, an 
optional element child and text, like this:
<element name="...">
  <optional><attribute name="...">...</attribute></optional>
  <optional><element name="...">...</element></optional>

I guess the problem is the order with the optional first element child 
and the text?

>XSD output is more elaborated than DTD's. Three ways -- push James Clark
>to enhance DTD output, hack the code of Trang and preprocess Relax NG so
>that Trang could handle. I stillt think that automatic preprocessing with
>XSL is doable and not that difficult. And while it may not a very general
>solution, it will definitely not introduce new problems into Trang.
The more I think about it, the more that looks like the proper answer. 
Some of my problems are generic; those would ideally be handled by 
Trang, and I'll ask James about it. Others seem quite specific to my 
schema; I'll try to handle those seperately, ideally with a transformation.


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