[relaxng-user] Converting Relax-NG to Schema and DTD

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 22:10:31 ICT 2004

Eric van der Vlist wrote:

>If you were writing that by hand, what would you be using? Entity
>parameters? Or splitting "foo.dtd" so that you can include everything
>except the definition of a?
This is from the Text Encoding Initiative. Up until now, things were 
done with
very complex DTDs and extensive use of parameter entities. User 
extensions/changes would
be activated by providing a pair of extension files, referenced in the 
DTD subset. Now the "correct"
thing to do is write a wrapper schema which imports the main TEI and 
then overrides selected bits.

I  do have a "RelaxNG flattener", which does the soelim job, written as 
an XSLT transform, but
it does not work properly and it's incredibly unreadable. I am sure it 
could be done much
more easily in a conventional programming language; the other part of 
the job is removing patterns which
are unreachable or unreferenced. Anyone else interested in such a tool?


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