[relaxng-user] Converting Relax-NG to Schema and DTD

David Tolpin dvd at davidashen.net
Tue Jan 13 01:54:13 ICT 2004

> > Once one has identified the troublesome part of the schema, sure.
> When you have identified these troublesome parts, what about asking
> James Clark if he can fix them?
> He is doing his best so that trang generate schemas that are more
> general than the RNG ones and he may just not be aware that these
> specific cases bite (or have assigned other priorities thinking they are
> not likely to happen).

com/thaiopensource/relaxng/output/dtd/Analysis.java has many places with
er.error("sorry"); the places can be used as documentation of unsupported
features in DTD output mode.

On the other hand, 'pregeneralizing' RNG should be possible.

David Tolpin

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