[relaxng-user] FW: Jing & Trang errors when processing RNC gr ammar

Hutchison, Ben Ben.Hutchison at sensis.com.au
Wed Apr 28 11:06:02 ICT 2004

Well, Im impressed by the rapid and authorative responses I have received to
my questions; thanks due to Bob and Makoto. 

Further queries inline below. Apologies if they seem elementary, but Ive no
formal training or prior experience developing grammars/schemas.

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> From: Bob Foster [mailto:bob at objfac.com]
> can't be sure it's what the author meant. Why is the platform 
> attribute 
> optional and the name attribute not? Both are optional in the revised 
> version. It is possible the following would be a more faithful fix:

Indeed. I do require a strictly mandatory name attribute, but an optional
platform attribute.
> > error message I cannot understand: E "oneOrMore" contains "group" 
> > contains "attribute"
> ConfigGroupEntry* where ConfigGroupEntry has as an alternative 
> ConfigValue, a group that contains a group, 
> NamedElementAttributes, that 
> contains two attributes.

Ok...why is this illegal?
> The "oneOrMore" reference is because * (zeroOrMore) is 
> defined in RELAX 
> NG as +? (optional oneOrMore).

Ah! That was confusing me. I couldn't see any oneOrMore pattern in my
> NamedElementAttributes is obviously redundant as it is used, 
> so a simple 
> fix would be to take it out of ConfigValue.

Why is it obviously redundant? I want NamedElementAttributes present on both
ConfigGroups and ConfigValues. Thats why I had specified it in both clauses
of my original (problematic) grammar.

> Trang can't convert everything, esp. an invalid schema, and 
> even if it 
> did the conversion could not be faithful where there is a 
> choice between 
> an attribute and an element. XML Schema can't describe this.

By "choice between an attribute and an element", do you mean a case of
either sub-element OR attributes? I didn't think I had such a case in my
grammar, and I certainly dont mean to.



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