[relaxng-user] Re: [xml-dev] RELAXNG Compact Syntax and character escapes

Jeff Rafter lists at jeffrafter.com
Sun Apr 25 01:49:46 ICT 2004

> Obviously however, there are some pathological cases here. I am wondering
> there are real world limits that others are imposing (e.g. max 2 xx).
> Additionally, are there limits that other developers are placing on the
> length of the hexadecimal string? I have written a chunking parser for the
> decoding and am trying to handle the end of buffer cases in a sane

Because I am currently not doing a transformation as described in the note I
decided to simply discard additional "x" characters. I still have a question
about the hexadecimal number though. Because the language I am working in
has a char limit of U+FFFF, I decided to limit my the input to the same
number. Again, I have the potential of multiple leading "0" characters, but
I again discard them. Does this sound reasonable?

Thanks for letting me think out loud...
Jeff Rafter

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