[relaxng-user] ANN: RNV, XML Schema datatypes implemented

David Tolpin dvd at davidashen.net
Fri Dec 26 16:48:28 ICT 2003


I've update RNV, http://davidashen.net/rnv.html, a Relax NG (compact syntax) validator
in ANSI C. The main news is that I have implemented XML Schema datatypes, with the
following limitations:

- ordering for duration is not implemented (that is, equality is working but
  restricting facets are not);
- only local parts of QName values are checked for equality, ENTITY values are
  only checked for lexical validity.

On the bright side, the support for datatypes includes an implementation of
unicode regular expressions (in XML Schema syntax).  I've run it through 1117
NIST datatype tests, and the only tests which pass when they should not are due
to double overflow and underflows (double is not 64 bit IEEE on my computer).

I've also tested the validator itself with everything I could find (that is, I run
it on many Relax NG and XML Schema files using rng grammars for rng and xs, and 
tried avaiable Relax NG on many speciments of the formats they are written for).
As a results, error reporting is improved, bugs fixed.

News  and updates are at http://davidashen.net/

David Tolpin

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